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Myrtles Plantation - Evening Excursion


Dear Sir or Madam

  Travel the dark side of Old River Road  with us from New Orleans to St. Francisville  on an eerie journey torn right out of the opening pages of Dracula. You have an invitation for a scheduled  dinner and an after dark guided tour of the antebellum mansion paranormal experts consider 'the' most haunted  in North America, the Myrtles.

    The journey begins on an interstate highway over the LaBranche wetlands, the lake, the Bonne Carre spillway and the outer edges of Manchac, the haunted swamp. When the fog creeps out of the swamp toward the highway and your vechicle, it can be unnerving.. Driving time to the Myrtles is just under 2 hours. The scenery is spectacular at times.

 On arrival, enjoy fine dining at a restaurant on the plantation. Not hungry, take photographs on the haunted plantation grounds. You may be amazed. Menus will be provided for diners. Bring a few bucks extra because there is an interesting gift shop housed in the old slave quarters.

  Once again, be sure to photograph the plantation grounds where spectacular images are often captured  by camera.. This includes Civil War soldiers marching in formation and the amazing image at the bottom of the page the page taken by a guest, Adam, on our 2nd tour on his cellphone camera. Many locals swear the general area around St Francisville is haunted and the Myrtles plantation is near the nexus.

 Touring the lower mansion after dark is the main event. The Myrtle's Mystery tour centers on the  causes of the haunting and a recount of many of the strange happenings at the plantation over the last two centuries. The tour lasts about an  hour and features some expanded images of spirits captured by film.

  After the mansion tour, take a few more pictures on the plantation grounds. Please be careful as visibility can at times be limited after dark.

   We return to New Orleans and arrive in the city after 10:30 pm

   The tour runs on Friday and Saturday nights, but is also available for groups of 8 or more on weeknights. Call for availability or information.

   Hotel pick up begins around 2pm.

   Basic tour ticket and transportation   $95.00       Gumbo and spirits  $110         Dinner  $125




The Myrtles Plantation, circa 1796, invites you to step into the past and experience the antebellum spender of this 213 year old National Register home built by General David Bradford, known also as "Whiskey Dave". You will view fine antiques and architectural treasures of the South, and discover why they call  the Myrtles one of "America's Most Haunted Homes.''

". The Myrtles has been featured in New York Times, Forbes, Gourmet, Veranda, Travel and Leisure, Country Inns, Colonial Homes, Delta SKY and on the Oprah Show, A & E, the History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic Explorer, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It was also featured in The Haunting of Louisiana.

Tour operators notes:

   Please be warned. This is not a halloween haunted house. Nothing is staged. In our opinion, the Myrtles is actually haunted It took only two tours of this dark forboding antebellum mansion for us to realize its all true.. A young guest on that 2nd tour walked out of the mansion and captured this amazing image on his cellphone camera.(see below) Some think  they can make out images of people who were not there when he took the shot.We were standing next to him when he took it. 

When we informed the Myrtles management were not impressed. Our response was"You guys don't even look surprised. Does stuff like this happen every day?"  They responsed  "No, but it happens every other day."

If you look closely at the woman's face in the image nearest the camera, she's looking directly at the photographer. At the same time, the headless woman's torso is pointing to the floating head. This isn't a snapshot of light images from the past. They were aware of us and they were toying with us.. We don't know if we're welcome or not. 

 Incidently, the young man still has the image on his cellphone for doubters


Myrtles Plantation - Evening Excursion
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Photo taken on a recent visit to Myrtles Plantation by one of our guest


Many faces seem to appear in this errie image taken by Bob Tourist on a recent Old River Road Tour to Myrtles Plantation.

Table Group

Most obvious is what appears to be a woman standing to the left with a white blouse and dark long skirt pointing to the upper right and what appears to be a man to the right with a pole or rifle in hand.


This one face totally floored us.

At the top of the image (around the window) appears to be a line of people...

Some close ups reveal even more interesting things. The more we looked the more we found. Totally creepy.. and no, there was no photoshop done to this photo.




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